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Pacman Kit Parts Craft Shapes, 2mm MDF Wood. Video Game Retro

Pacman Kit Parts Craft Shapes, 2mm MDF Wood. Video Game Retro

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These 2mm thick MDF Pacman craft shapes are available in the following sizes: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm They are laser cut from premium 2mm thick MDF These embellishments can be used in craft projects, making decorations, gift tags, cards, decoupage etc. They can be painted and glued into place (some light roughing of the surface with sandpaper may be required depending on medium being used). Being laser cut, they do have some small laser burn marks, though these can be painted over or sanded out if required. The kit contains 1x Pacman, 4x Ghosts, 3x Dots

The dimensions are as follows:
Pacman, 20mm Diameter, Ghost 15mm x 20mm, Dot 4mm Diameter
Pacman, 30mm Diameter, Ghost 22mm x 30mm, Dot 6mm Diameter
Pacman, 40mm Diameter, Ghost 30mm x 40mm, Dot 8mm Diameter
Pacman, 50mm Diameter, Ghost 37mm x 50mm, Dot 10mm Diameter
Pacman, 60mm Diameter, Ghost 45mm x 60mm, Dot 12mm Diameter
Pacman, 70mm Diameter, Ghost 52mm x 70mm, Dot 14mm Diameter
Pacman, 80mm Diameter, Ghost 60mm x 80mm, Dot 16mm Diameter
Pacman, 90mm Diameter, Ghost 67mm x 90mm, Dot 18mm Diameter
Pacman, 100mm Diameter, Ghost 75mm x 100mm, Dot 20mm Diameter
Pacman, 150mm Diameter, Ghost 113mm x 150mm, Dot 30mm Diameter
Pacman, 200mm Diameter, Ghost 150mm x 200mm, Dot 40mm Diameter

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